another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

st. anger

good to catch up with barse tonight, i'm sat in the garden flicking through old bike magazines, 'performance bikes', 'classic bike' and some ancient copies of 'back street heroes', i'm trying to chill, but, i'm feeling pretty pissed off, [broke a tooth saturday morning on a hash brown, didn't get in until 1300 hr's monday to get it fixed, that constant, stabbing pain wearing me down, no-sleep 'til brooklyn, [i reckon i've had about four hour's sleep over the past two, three day's, i hate going to the dentists, i guess it's all about not being in control, always been the same, even as a kid, as soon as i get in that chair i'm hearing that alice cooper track, 'your teeth are alright but your gum's got to go.....' don't even know what it's called, ok, googled it and it's called 'unfinished sweet', brilliant, back to the plot, i'm in the garden, headphones on, listening to metallica, 'st. anger' just seem's to sum up how i'm feeling, i've kicked the dog's back in the house, [literally, not physically, you don't kick dog's] as they are running up and down the perimeter fence trying to get to next-door's dog's who are running up and down the perimeter fence trying to get at our boy's, you know how that goes if your a dog owner, anyhoo, barse turn's up for a chat, good to catch up with an old mucker, here's a pic from back in the day, barse standing on the tank of the mighty shovester, late on a saturday night at a rally, my sporty chop in the foreground, oh yeah, and some other cunt who used to be a mate who's name i've forgotten.......


  1. After toothache, its the bloody bill that I hate the most!! The Mighty Shovester; awesome.

  2. Cool pic mate, men being boys, a thing I always admire. Get that bloody tooth taken care of Loveymucker, I'm feeling your pain, both the physical and the 'dread', I didn't get my first filling until I was 29 so wasn't prepared for the needles, the sound, the smell etc, I sit there with my knuckles turning white from holding the arms of the chair so tightly, like I said mate, feeling your pain, I rather have broken bones any day.