another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 21 June 2013

special/blown it [delete as appropriate]

1988, mz 250 commuter bike, forty seven careful owner's, 300 quid and a thousand hour's work, sifting through breaker's yard's, measuring, making, manufacturing, cutting, milling and turning the wheel's of steel, carcinogenic dust cutting and shaping racing-car carbon off-cut's sourced from a skip, wheel's off a 50cc yamaha moped, milled, lightened and shaped by hand, brembo brake caliper off a ducati treble-nine, rear caliper off a cagiva mito, r1/thundercat controls, handmade, bespoke and original and getting top results in the hand's of a better racer than me, [andy smith] loads of sleepless night's working and developing the bike that would become an obsession and cause grief and threaten marriages, or, you could go and buy dice magazine and be really cool, just saying......


  1. An MZ? A bleedin MZ?? What self respecting biker would waste his time and money on a piece of shit like that.... ;)

  2. Now that's a proper bike, built for a purpose!
    Always loved MZs, had a few, done some miles on 'em, they're great!
    Or is that the beer talking? No it's me, I really meant it!!

  3. The hard graft and the spirit of Team Loveless Engineering and Tea Making Services lives on, a magnanimous and honest appraisal Timmy Loveymucker . . . re the DicE debate, having come so late to the internet thingy and indulged myself in all three mini mags I used to cadge from a mate of mine, I'm still letting the subs roll, but I do empathise with you crusty old hardcores, there is no soul in sold out. Happy weekending me old skin-suede-rasta-scoot-biker-boy-bodgie. XX

  4. gentlemen, [and you whitey, sit up and pay attention now!] as you know, i hold a candle for these sweet, little two-strokes, i've alway's sided on the side of the underdog and the sheer bloody-mindedness of the folk who ride them, either to rally's all over the country or the continent, just back and forwards to work in all weather, or the boys and girls who race them, respect due, [and if anyone's got a 250 trophy for sale please get in touch]

  5. Been an MZ-fan for quite some time (about a decade, to be more precise) and I have to bluntly admit it: THIS is one of the nicest purpose-built bikes I've seen...

    Alright, alright... already getting my head out of your arse, but it IS nice, can't argue with that.

  6. Got 6th this weekend mate on #51 things developing nicely :-) I wish the bike still looked as good as the pics I don't have the talent you have at making bike look amazing!

    Build another MZ mate and come play!