another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 8 June 2013


to say i was revved to find six brilliant blues cd's in my hometown oxfam shop is probably an understatement, imagine my suprise to find another 53, yep, fifty three discs on the shelf today, i had one of those 'moments' today, the ladies couldn't believe it, i bought the whole lot, i even scored a free carrier bag to put them in, fifty three quid, a pound a pop for a treasure trove of music, i'm blessed me, from now on don't call me timmy, i'm now 'bad-luck, hollerin' chile' bailey, [or, you can just call me bad-luck if you like......]


  1. Wow, score on the tunes. Was sitting on my porch yesterday, 101 degrees F at 6:30 in the eve singing the blues...and trying to fake a 'Delta' riff on the git-box, wishing the delta breeze would kick in. More like 'good luck, toe-tappin' keep on truckin' blues-man bailey'...haha

  2. You're the freakin muckerlover, Derby danglin, gravel garglin, ciggy suckin, chitlin chewin, grit gulpin, tobacka spittin, Bawlin Bailey Bluesman . . . that's what you is Timothy . . . he he he.

  3. yeah, and a poet too according to larry..... me? a poet, fuck me, i'm honoured me, just write what i feel, i know it doesn't make sense sometimes but a poet, i've been called some thin's in my time, usually beginning with 'c' but a poet, i'm having that one, proud as punch.....