another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 4 May 2013


ey up, big problems with my computer  this week so no post's, hopefully sorted now, football, last day of the championship today, me and the boy jack have drawn the short straw and have to work the next three saturday's on the bounce, shift done, not worth going home to come back into town when we work within spitting distance of pride park, so, 1200 hrs i lock up and we walk to the ground, theres not much to play for really,  a win will see us finish tenth, two places better than last season but with less points, millwall could be relegated, but, it's not likely, i reckon there's around a thousand millwall here, they are a pain in the arse wherever they go, [look at the recent wembley cup appearence, fighting amongst themselves], typical, 'laandahhhn' all mouth and 'gor blimey guv' cockney bravado, they know how to push the button's and it doesn't take them long to start chanting about the scumbag phillpot, 'you set your kid's alight' 'sing when your burning' 'murderer's' yeah, very clever, you know what? i'm glad you live in lahhdahhn, you deserve it, it's a fucking shithole, why the fuck would anyone want to live there?  when conner sammon stepped up and nutmegged your keeper i almost wet myself, you were going down, unfortunately, results elswhere went your way and you managed to stop up, the mighty ram's end up in tenth, two places up from last season and forest got edged out of the play-off's by leicester, [who are going to get dicked by watford anyway] situation normal then, the footballing void that is the east midlands continues into next season......


  1. Enjoyed your non appearing post! For some reason it appeared in my reading list but not on the blog. That's technology for you, brilliant video have another punt at posting it
    Oh and London ain't a shithole... well no more than any where else in this sceptered isle, but Millwall are scum, even an Essex boy knows that!

  2. ey up neil, i worked in london for three year's, big contract's in the city, mid to late eighties, sorry mate, but london is a shithole! full of horrible people and chancer's, [so, beat me up, i had to go where the work was and that, unfotunately was laandahhhn] i lived for friday afternoon's and hitting the m1 northbound, fuck london and all who live there, me? give me derbyshire anyday.....

  3. I,m glad the Irishman scored for ye,scumbags came here last week and caused havoc too ,time for tougher laws ,,,