another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 19 May 2013

british historic racing, darley moor

the range of machinery and the standard of preparation could bring a tear to my eye, classic racing heaven, check out the bmw boxer outfit with the engine mounted 'askew' so that the shaft run's straight to clear the wide rear tyre, what about the hard as nail's beeza, the immaculate matchy? the drop-dead velo's? and one of my favourite bikes, the 'tigcraft' 604cc rotax single?  not racing but parading, but, what a brilliant bike and let me tell you how sweet it sounded......


  1. Want a run on the Tigger looks like fun to ride ,,

    1. it was pretty quick ed, the parade lads were not hanging about and he lapped almost all of them, sounded lovely too!