another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 10 May 2013

boxer race bike

caught up with a bike i've been wanting to check-out for a while, finally bagged some photo's at the recent darley moor c.r.m.c meeting, me and dangerous met the owner, john lovett at the festival of a thousand bikes last year at mallory park, the affable big geordie bloke had a look at our bike and told us about his own boxer racer project which he races in the c.r.m.c classic 1300 twin class, the bike is a monster, 1040cc worth of aircooled loveliness, packing big pumper dellorto's, breathing through a trick, two-into-one exhaust, maxton forks and rear shock's, trick ignition, off-set rear wheel, [to get some seriously wide rubber on the backend], braced frame, race caliper's and the brilliant touch of a bare, naked frame, no paint, we don't need no steenkin' paint, it just add's weight, brilliant bike, i love it me.....


  1. Love the hoooge trademark Beemer fairing, but your "catch tray" is a lot better!

  2. oi jan! you know my catch tank is one of mr's b's baking tray's don't you? [she asked me if i'd seen it anywhere the other day, it's actually hanging from the shed roof on a tie-wrap and she hasn't noticed it yet!