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Friday, 31 May 2013

airhead cafe racer project

does my arse look big in this? that's the question, when i'm building, i have a vision in my twisted old swede of the final build, [in truth, it never actually materialises into the 'concept' as i drink a couple of bottles of red wine, listen to some drum and bass, northern soul or punk and my view get's slightly punted off-centre from the original plan] bank holiday monday and i have a vision of the seat i want for this build, compact and bijou, the look of this bike is alway's going to based on the aesthetic of a staffordshire bull terrier, big, thick-set at the front, muscle and sinew, like them blokes in '300', mr's b alway's ask's why i don't look like that, i just tell her that i am inside and she need's to get an eye-test booked,  [hence the chunky 41mm honda forks], fading and tapering away to a super-skinny backend] after an age searching the 'tinterweb i find said seat just up the road in sunny sheffield, i'm amazed when it turn's up the next day, perfect, thank you moto-carbon, oh yeah, please note, this is a mock-up, there's no way i can incorporate that mz forkleg into the build, just need to figure out a sexy little sub-frame instead.......


  1. Lookin' good, where's your FZR riding mate when you need him?!
    If you want to get the Harley electrics sorted try

  2. thanks for the tip-off andy, my bloke has seven days left and if he doesn't trap, he's history, see you are pretty local to me? if you fancy dropping in for a brew let me know mate?

    1. Yeah, not too far away I reckon.
      I'd like that, contact me through the benchdonkees blog and we'll sort something out.

  3. Some inspiration:

  4. yep, seen it, nice bike but mr sand's is coming from a different angle from me, i'm building stuff in a shed and don't need to sell stuff, i have a day job, i do this shit for the love of it mate! anyhoo, wait 'til you see this badbwoy! rough and tough, [but not as tough as joe pesci]

  5. I hear what you are saying, but if you watch these things and see one little detail worth adapting....
    I guess for someone with Punk values it is a bit mainstream and with the backing of BMW Motorrad I guess what you are doing is more honest (I think there's a compliment in there somewhere). I have a day job and a Guzzi V11 in my garage in Shepshed and I am trying to skinnify the rear of that as it has a subframe which would look more at home on the forth bridge. I am following what you are doing with interest, looking forward to the next development............