another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 26 May 2013

airhead cafe racer project

more cowbell, hell yeah! saw, saw, sore, file, file, drink tea, listen to music, drink more tea, walk dogs, drink wine, dangerous said to me today, 'i don't know why you bother, no one will ever see it' ain't that the truth, that's why i do it........


  1. Been following your blog for a while. Talk about jumping on the cafe racer bandwagon! Everybody's building BMW cafe racers now. Not an original bone in your body you wanker. You make out that your sportster is fast but its a piece of shit. And as for that BMW racer- I,d blow you into the ground on my brothers R6 you twat

    1. You arrogant, uniformed, sad little cunt, fuck off back to your hole and continue sticking your tiny dick up your brother's arse, you know-nothing, jumped up wanker. I fucked your mum again last night and she agrees.

  2. oi, oi mr r6, nice to know you've been following the blog, hopefully you might learn something you dumb fuck, so, i haven't got an original bone in my body then? when i saw your comment i thought it might have been my old mucker, ben 'fucking' jones, but then, i realised that ben hasn't got a brother and he would have posted a much more funny comment than you have you fucking tosser, man up bitch, if you want to post then at least have an identity rather than 'anonymous', let's see what you've got in your locker big man, oh yeah, you've got fuck all, only your mum's pant's......

  3. If we only built stuff, so others could admire our builds... what sad world would that be. I love your detailing - but you know that already.


  4. hey timbo! what about your new mate? "been following your blog for a while" then surely he would have seen you owned a bmw years ago, and realized you like to tinker. he's shown his true colours in three and a half lines though. as we said yesterday, the only blowing he probably does is is brother's cock, and all he gets out of it is a wanky R6, i mean, talk about original bones? he has to borrow a bike and it's a 'same as all the other rice-rocket shit', probably blue as well. exactly the same as every bloke that brags about his jap bike, that is well beyond their capabilities. men that are used to getting things done quickly. even their own mums. hey, i might go and buy an r6, oh no, i'll just get a new set of apes and cables for my bike instead. cheap-ass run of the mill same as everybody else's mind numbingly un-original haven't got enough for a decent sports bike fucking ridden by jeb-ends pile of scrap. that's not even his. next he'll be telling us his dad's harder than our dads. he probably is. and he's probably felt it in his throat.

  5. that's the trouble with you whitey, youtend to beat around the bush too much! love you mate.