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Sunday, 5 May 2013

airhead cafe racer project

well, there you go, i'm waiting for paul to wire up my sporty, the boxer race project is down in kent, the 'macchi is round at dangerous dave's, it's bank holiday sunday, right, let's have a poke at the new project, the airhead cafe racer, the frame and a load of stuff i scored off barse, the remnants of his boxer dirt-digger daily ride, a monoshock r80 frame, r75 diff and swingarm and a few other useful bit's and bob's, as we were making our way back to stuey's mini last weekend after the stafford show i spied a set of honda vfr fork's and yokes, the bloke had not done any business all day  and was desperate to move something on, forty quid later and i'm carrying a set of 41mm fork's, clip-on's yokes and a brake caliper back to the car, the brake mountings are 80mm, opening a vast array of options, japper, brake caliper's, available from your local bike breaker's, take your pick, the clip-on's i scored in the deal are a bit, to put it bluntly, 'pedestrian', swapping them over and turning them upside down reveals another option, perfect, cafe racer heaven, steeply angled and cheeky as fuck, got the drill out and started chain drilling the redundant bracket's from the frame, torch on and remove the bearing's, game-on.........


  1. Gidday Lovey, still here mucker, been reading from afar, my bloody 'smartarse phone' won't let me log in on the road, which I'm spending lots of time on over the last three weeks, but still looking in. You are truly a bloody addict mate, loving your work and huge respect as always Timmy. XX

  2. Short BMW-frame, short swingarm, stiff forks... sounds like a recipe for some serious backroad scratching!