another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 12 April 2013

well, there you go, when i finish a bike i get a touch of the blues, the 'macchi is up and running, we have done as much as possible on the bench, lockwired, tyre pressure's checked, every fastener checked for torque settings and marked with a paint-marker to prove it, the little beauty is even ticking over without a whiff of throttle, polished and preened to within an inch of it's life, the 'macchi has been a permanent fixture in the shed for the last six month's, today it's gone, [only round to dangerous's to live in his shed with the bonny], i just need time to sort out the shed, it's a tiny workspace, a single garage and a knocked through coal-house, it's a tight fit, full-size industrial miller, garden tool's, bench, two bikes, [when the boxer racer is back], lathe, homemade bike bench, old filing cabinet full of consumables, socket set's, spanners, hammer's, workshop manuals, oil, paint, fasteners, cardboard templates, my cenrtal heating boiler, welly's, walking boot's, pillar drill, hand drill, drill bit's, reamer's, end mill's, receipts and bills and all the other hundred and one bits and bobs that you need to cobble a bike together, i just needed to re-claim  the street's, [sorry, i meant to say 'my shed'] me and dangerous took turns pushing the little 'macchi round to his gaff, i let him push it up the hill and i just sat on it and rode down them, a carload of spares and o.e. parts boxed up and i have the space to start sorting out, tool's wiped down and replaced, fasteners put into their respective places, work bench wiped down and clean, miller and lathe too, no spiral swarf sticking in soles of shoes, sterile, sorted, i sit back, glass of wine in hand, quietly satisfied, but, the bench looks empty without anything on it, might go and sort my ma's shed out tomorrow, i've got two-third's the mashing's of another airhead in there, might just chuck a cafe racer together out of the bits and bobs..............


  1. Your shed's a nice one. At work we are about halfway through a major shop clean-up. (brought on by the local fire chief's inspection...). Unlike most of the guys where I work, I enjoy cleaning and organizing the shops. I'm going to show my workmates your space as an example of a well organized and usable shop. Bunch of slobs I work with, for crying out loud! (now we won't talk about my personal shed...sigh...).

  2. Hey Tim take the chuck key out before someone turns it on ,,