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Thursday, 11 April 2013

mr's thatcher

i've had to have time to consider my thought's over the last few day's on hearing the news of the death of mr's thatcher, i really thought i would be dancing in the street at the news of her demise, but, to tell you the truth, i really don't feel anything, at the end of the day, mr's thatcher has succumbed to the power of nature, the  inevitability of death, the same thing that comes to us all in the end, she shuffled off this mortal coil a frail old lady, do we really need to celebrate her death with street party's? i was there during the thatcher era, i confess, i'm a fully signed up member of the 'right-on' party, punk rocker, socialist, i was a fully paid up union card carrying card member, [listen, you didn't work if you weren't back then] i was there, the idiot's jumping on the 'ding-dong the witch is dead' bandwagon were not, the comedian frankie boyle , by my math's was nine years old during the miner's strike, go figure?  mr's thatcher destroyed the community i live in, she pandered to the shareholders and the enemy of everything i hold dear, [see my post from a couple of weeks ago about the miner's strike and the long-lasting effect], at least the football association have stood up and said there will be no minute's silence before the games this weekend, mr's thatcher was a sworn enemy of the beautiful game during her reign and was responsible for the whole clampdown on football fan's, what gall's me is the'state' funeral, an accolade usually for member's of the royal family, [don't even get me started on that one] but, really, a fucking politician? especially one who divided the population with her policy's, it's a kick in the bollocks for the working class, i don't agree with disrupting the funeral procession, but, the powers that be should have had a little more respect for us, 'the other half' and just laid her to rest with a simple, private, family ceremony, just like the rest of us will have.....


  1. I thought about you when I heard the news of her passing. With all the carryings on at Facebook by people with no clue about the time and the politics,,,reminded me too much of the hero-worship that goes on about Reagan...
    A kick in the bollocks of the working class, like you say...describes it best.

  2. Have to admit to a bit of FB celebration, but then again I am in me 50s and am now living with a miners daughter ( it was her mum that phoned to tell us!). But then again I saw very little else on FB, probably because I only "friend" friends and family.

    Ah well Ronnie Raygun and Maggie are gone, but their legacy unfortunately goes from strength to strength.

    And on the bright side, it made me dig out some of Steve Bell's "If...." books

  3. I'm not a Pom, let alone one of those so adversely affected by Maggie's period of power like yourself Lovey, but the thing that always got up my nose more than any other element was her sheer bloody snobbery, for a woman of relatively humble stock I figured it was a soul sellout of the worst kind . . . she made old Ronnie look decidedly human, good riddance, the lady's not returning.