another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 26 April 2013

'is this your pen?'

'casino' enough said. tough.


  1. Little dynamo Joe, what a scene that was Lovey !! The Darley posts have been brilliant mucker, such a diversity of truly classic steeds . . . bit hard for me to see too much these days since the great little goat track known as Lakeside closed down but as you said, so easy for the rocket boy hipster crew to take the piss, a shitload harder to sit your arse on the saddle and light the wick. Avagoodweekend Mr Bailey. XX

  2. cheer's mucker, joe pesci? cooler than a very cool thing and twice as tough, same to you my red headed bro, make sure you wear a sensible sweater if you are venturing out, don't want you feeling the cold my precious! love you mate, timmy.