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Saturday, 20 April 2013


the first real spring day, we have waited a long time for this, warm sunshine, the wind has dropped and the first time this year me and the boy jack have been to a match without layering up like polar explorer's, today's opponent's are peterborough united, [is it just me or has anyone else noticed the resemblance of darren to 'the leauge of gentlemen's' brilliant actor steve pemberton? mr ferguson is the peterborough manager and the son of alex, the quietly spoken, modest scot's gentlemen who manages a little known team from the north-west] the posh faithful are well up for it oday, a healthy following from, erm, somewhere over to the east a bit, between laahndahn and god's own county of derbyshire, is peterborough in a county? peterboroughshire doesn't sound right to me somehow, right, i've just googled it, peterborough is actually in cambridgeshire, so there, cambridgeshire is famous for having a university where people go to take lot's of drugs, drink alcohol and, well, that's it really] derby pulverise the visitor's, corner after corner, i really can't remember seeing so many corner kick's, derby, as usual can't put one away and it looks like its going to be one of those days again, five minutes before half time, good approach play saw craig bryson smashing the back of the net out with a close range effort, one-nil to derby, posh came out huffing and puffing after the break but were soon brought back to earth with two goals in two minutes from martin and keogh, three-nil, easy, then a moment of madness from fellow jack russell fancier, derby goal-keeper-frank-fielding saw frank straight red carded and sent off, posh pulled a goal back and a nervous twenty minutes was endured, a remarkable seven minutes added time being played by, to be quiet frank, [with apologies to our frank who got sent off, blah, blah, blah] were inept to say the least, the lino on our side couldn't make a decision without checking with the ref first, nine minutes into extra time and with the majority of fans from both sides gone, the cleaning staff sweeping up, the police adding up their overtime and me thinking about my takeaway curry] the ref blew up, the ram's are safe for another season in the second tier of english football, deep joy, pass the poppadom's........


  1. Tim I enjoy your soccer reports and am glad Derby are safe come on the RAM,S,,

  2. thank's Ed, i must admit i look for Sligo's results too