another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

classic racing motorcycle club, darley moor, [part two]

more loveliness from sunday's c.r.m.c meeting at darley moor, [the bikes that is, not the photo of dangerous making fart noises with the palm of his hand, or sweary mick picking his nose......]


  1. Dee-liscious selection Lovey, those crazy melted marshmallow tanks on the baby Dukes are one of my all time faves . . . I think they were pre Desmo if the fog hasn't set in completely. Cheers Mr Derby Dandy.

  2. yep, the little duc is a beauty, serious amount of preparation involved whitey, just remember, dangerous was racing one of these back in '63/64 against the likes of tommy robb on the work's honda, you talk about fog? he leaves his fucking tea to go cold, but mention a peroni.......[been thinking about your front pulley cover, need a couple of measurements mate, be in touch...]