another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

boxer racer

had a phone call off jim today, as soon as his number flagged up my heart skipped a beat, [adopt estuary-thames, essex/kent accent, although, he would not be amused at being described as 'essex', he's a 'man of kent, garden of england'] 'ello tim, good new's and bad new's, cam's turned up from germany, decided to go with the twin-plugging and head's finished, bad new's is that they've undercut the cam and it's got to go back to germany for re-cutting, be about another fortnight' bloodyfuckinghellbastard, oh well, been here before, i dug this photo out of the library to console myself, if i admit it myself it does look tidy, here's me thinking that the carbon-fibre numberboard's looked the bollock's, i risked carciogenic fibres cutting and filing them to shape and according to ben all i had to do was stick the number's on some of my old northern soul records to achieve the same effect.......


  1. Ben cracks me up Loveymucker . . . bummer about the cam but at least there's solid and quality progress been made this time round, and yes mate, one of the finest looking Buzz Bomb racer's I've ever seen at all levels.

  2. Tim..... I fucking love this bike. :-) can wait to see it finished and raced !!