another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 17 March 2013


after loads of time trying to decide what i'm going to stick on the sporty tank, a few long night's agonising over different type-faces, font's and logo's, the one i finally decided on was the one i new was the only real choice, the traditional harley-davidson, 'bar and shield' design, while i was down at roy's to get the number thirteen numbers printed off for the 'macchi racer, i might as well get some 'bar and's' printed too, roy had painstakingly laid out some racing stripes on the tank and seat for me, 20mm wide, 'old-english white ivory' perfectly symmetrical, and as soon as i got the tank and seat home and tried them on i knew it wasn't going to work, just too busy, i left them overnight to see if i would change my opinion, half-past seven this morning i was in the shed peeling them off and applying the 'bar and's' instead, what a job, the design is cut out by the machine but i never realised that you had to carefully pick away at the stuff you don't want, the lettering is actually the paint finish, so you are working back to front really, after a couple of aborted go's i eventually got my old brain tuned in and with a scalpel picked at the edges to peel away the stuff i didn't need, two hours later i'd cracked it........


  1. this is not the right bar and shield. he is a lazy cunt. i am very disappointed, this wouldnt go on my bike, and shouldnt go on yours.

  2. Lovey, gotta speak from the heart mucker, for me, it ain't that it's not the 'right bar and shield' but the colour . . . it does look good, but in the H.D orange/red it would look the total fucking bomb, I don't mind the variation on the theme of the design, just that the white is too stark and leaps off the tank rather than cohesively pulling it all together, kinda floats in space . . . sorry mate, don't you hate it when everyone wants to be a critic. XX

  3. I don't know, looks ok to me. Maybe the bright colors would clash too much with black/polished metal/chrome...? I'd check it out in the dark.