another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 9 March 2013


in-between all the work on the aermacchi, chasing up progress on the airhead race bike, sorting out loads of other little jobs for mates and mates-of mates, i'm trying to nail the sporty together for this year, i'm acutely aware that this is my sole transport for the summer, my old vw polo isn't going to pass the dreaded m.o.t test this time and along with getting to work every day, i've got to get it sorted for the manx, or classic, tt, paul the sparky has been up twice 'laid hands' on the bike without actually connecting a wire up yet, i've been suprised with dangerous, i never realised he had it in him, but, he's turned up trumps with the rattle can paint job on the sporty, i wanted it satin black and the man dangerous has done me proud, the paint looks the bollocks, he's spent ages filling, priming and spraying, nibbing off between each coat to get a gorgeous satin finish, i've got to let the paint harden off before i nip down and get me old mucker roy to add some decals, i'm thinking racing stripes down the centre of the tank and seat unit, perhaps battleship grey or olde english white, [cream?] and just a plain 'harley davidson' in a nice typeface in the same colour, on the side of the tank, i had thought about going the traditional harley racing colour combo of orange and white on the satin black, but, now i'm not sure, is it too predictable?, any suggestions greatfully received, [i'll probably have changed my mind by then anyway], after i decide on the stripe/typeface thing dangerous is going to rattle it over with a clear lacquer to try and protect it and then wet and dry it back to the satin finish, the more i look at it, the more i like it, it's really changed the look of the bike, in fact, i don't think i'll ever own a shiny paint bike again......


  1. The black looks good, but an orange and white stripe would really pop out of that black background....hmmmm. Wondering if he can add some sort of 'flatting' agent to the clear? Been away from painting bikes for awhile myself,need to catch up with the new technology.Looking good.

  2. Satin shits all over matt Lovey and the Dangerman has totally nailed it . . . sometimes predictable is the only way to go, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel, it'll look great . . . brilliant piece on the Soul Thang brothermucker, now it all makes sense re the allnighter caper . . . there was a ska at out here called the Allniters and now I fully get why . . . love ya Timmy Bailey. X

  3. F*ck a duck, now that's a slick look. No wonder it makes you proud. It looks really proper, deffo not like a "cheap" rattle-can job, almost a fashion statement (no offense - you know me good enough already, don't you?)