another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 21 March 2013


Katana, I actually had a real live-blade in my hand's once, I turned up for training one night at the dojo, Sensei Reg Andrews had bought in his Katana that he had been awarded for his services to Sankokai Karate, he gently powdered the blade and handed it to me, I had,of course used Bokken's in training and seen and felt the many Chinese copies that are passed off as a 'genuine' Japanese Katana, but this was the real deal, a genuine, 'live-blade,capable of decapitating a man so quickly and efficiently that he would continue talking, unaware of the mortal injury he had sustained, Sesei dropped a tissue onto the blade and it actually cut straight through it, the Katana felt nothing like the clumsy, wooden training Bokken's that I had been using, when Suzuki decided to name their four-valve-per-cylinder machine 'Katana' they knew exactly what they were aiming for, as the owner of a GS 1000, i thought I had the best bike in the world, then the Katana was released on the un-suspecting motorcycling public, i had to have one and four year's after they were released, i traded up, still regret selling it to a neighbour to buy a Citroen BX as we needed a more family friendly car to ferry the kid's around at the time, Katana, it's on my wish-list, loud, heavy and fast and like no other motorcycle in the world.......

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  1. Whenever I think of a huge, badass mother of an aircooled inline four... the Yoshimura Katana springs to my mind. Black 'n' absolutely beating the living daylight of all the other bikes that were only replicas of this era!


  2. Yep, got to agree with you on this one Greg, they are a really aggressive looking bike, so mean, I'll post up some old photo's of mine when I can dig them out and scan them, I fitted a gsx1100 top yoke and.straight bars for a while but ended up re-fitting the clip-on's just so I could get out of the windblast at higher speeds, tim.