another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 16 March 2013


you really couldn't make it up, even the most die hard rams fans were predicting a dicking at the hands of our east midland rivals leicester city, this match has never been a 'derby' match to ram's fans, just an annoying team from down the road, [leicester's derby match is against the struggling coventry city who are facing a winding-up order from the stadium owners, excuse me?, it's a football stadium, ok, you get the occasional rock concert there, but, first and foremost, it's a football stadium, why do the owners of the ricoh stadium try and force a winding up order on their source of income?, fair play to coventry city football club and their fan's, even if you have to play on the local recreation ground the real fan's will be there supporting you and hopefully the 'owner's' of the ricoh will be left with an empty stadium] anyhoo, back to the plot, leicster need to get promoted to the premiership this season, they have spent a massive amount of money on player's, the wage bill is huge and expectations for automatic promotion huge, shame then that they are rapidly dropping points and their season seem's to be taking a turn for the worst, derby hadn't beaten the foxes in the previous five matches, we were without a win in the previous eight games, leicester needed the three points to keep their promotion hopes alive, derby needed the three points to stave off the fear of relegation to the third tier of english football, richard keogh rose to head home jamie wards free kick to give the ram's a goal advantage, derby struck again a minute befor half time with on loan player chris martin, [behave, not the nerdy bloke who sing's with the beat combo coldplay!] heading in from close range to give the rams a deserved two goal advantage at the break, leicster managed to get a goal back early in the second half but the rams managed to get the win even after a ridiculous six, yep, six minutes of extra time, where did the official find that from? i have my suspicion's that it was to pad out the sky tv coverage? but, by far the most satisfying moment was when me and the boy jack were walking home after the match, i decided to give my foxy mate merv a quick ring, 'ey up foxy, hope you and the rest of the banjo-playing in-bred's are crying at the result!' 'sorry timmy, you're breaking up mate...' football, fucking brilliant.....


  1. Well done Lovey, go the bloody Rams, I even find myself looking for the results on the telly these days, are you suggesting that the Sky network and other corporate media cunts could be powerful enough to fuck with a match ??? Surely not mate, preposterous, balderdash and poppycock I say . . . ha ha ha !! Regarding the 'Macchi, all this time down the track brotherman and it is such an outstanding credit to you, and your Dangerous offsider, no matter what happens on the track Tim Bailey, you'll have the most gorgeous bike out there, the perfect combination of aged patina and restored brilliance, you go hard mate, within yourself at this point obviously, but go hard Lovey, big ups, huge respect and solid soulbrother love.

  2. dog, what can i say mucker, thank you for all your support, [in ALL way's, you know what i mean!] just great that we are getting the love and that our efforts are appreciated from near and far, just goes to show that people-power really works, believe it or not, the comments and encouragement that we get spur's us both on, when the shit does happen it's great that we get the support and the feeling that people care and can chip in with encouragement and suggestions, i've got to stop now, i'm welling up! x lovey.