another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 22 March 2013


well, winter certainly came back and bit us on the arse today, i cannot remember such a spell of bad weather like this, from last april, [2012], flood's and week after week of heavy rainfall, cool temperatures throughout last summer, snow at the end of october, more rain, more rain then a very rainy place, wet, muddy, cold, miserable, here we are nearly at the end of march and still no sign of spring, this morning we woke up to heavy snowfall, a freezing easterly wind and drifting on the top's, i saw something today that i have never seen before, the wind had blown the snow away from the dry-stone walls on the lee side, i'd heard old-timer's in the village talk about it but never witnessed it myself, we're doomed, the new ice-age 'cometh.......

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  1. Very nice shots. Time to get out the cross-country skis. Been seeing some amazing snow scenes from the UK.