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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Boxer Race Bike

Sorry for the lack of post's this week, a combination of running around getting tyre's for the Sweary Mick 350 Aermacchi, trying to build a decent carb out of two duffer's and my computer getting nuked by another virus, (my i-tunes library has gone yet again, anyone got any suggestions about how to get it back before I 'restore to factory setting's' and spend endless hour's re-loading cd after cd?) so, the Mallory Park British Historic Racing test day isn't going to happen, the boxer race bike is still down in Kent awaiting the camshaft, the 250 'Macchi? Ready to rumble bar the rubbish, worn out carb, booked a day off work to be there, had to cancel the van too, very disappointing, might still have a ride over and see if anyone turns up, (the weather forecast is bad, cold, snow and cold rain shower's in-between, ideal condition's then) so, here's some photo's of a couple of class boxer racer's built in Japan, the stunning Krauser framed machine and the equally beautiful R75 racer built for a Buddhist monk who races bikes by Yoshimi Koizumi, brilliant, roll on Spring......

Location:In the shed


  1. chin up Tim, if greatness was easy, we'd all be Gods. Its hard to believe, but once I struggled. to contain my greatness. now i embrace it, and send some to you, as i have so much, i can spare some for those in need. take my greatness, and soar.

  2. A racing Buddhist monk...being one with the megaphone...interesting.

  3. Bugger bugger and thrice bugger. You should stop visiting these dodgy internet site mate! Have you got an external drive to back up to? If so you should be able to copy the i-tunes folder before you nuke the computer, then virus scan it before you re-import. Any idea what virus you got , might be able to give you better advice. Mail me and chin up old bean!

  4. Yep, a racing Buddhist monk Larry! How cool is that? Love to see him in the pit's on race day, everyone else running around like headless chickens, sweating, stressed and swearing and bollocking the pit-crew, the Buddhist Crew just chilling out, a little meditation and then going out and kicking ass! Brilliant, Squire Neil, thank's mate, I managed to drag 23 gig of music back off my hard drive but I've lost around forty- gig of music, I'm a Luddite with computer's, don't know which virus has got in but I had a dodgy e-mail the other night, I didn't open it and deleted it straight away but didn't clear the recycle bin which a computer savvy bloke at work tell's me can be fatal? And that leaves my old Mucker Ben 'fucking' Jones, thank you Ben, in fact, bless you for sending me some of your greatness to a mere mortal like me, really can't believe you didn't get the job as the new Pope, you'll just have to carry on as the second best tattoo artist in Derby instead, what you saying?