another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


not the most inspiring bunch of photo's i grant you, but just to show what was actually involved in mounting the pvl ignition, if you remember a previous post, this engine is a very early 1963, ala d'oro 250cc race engine, this model ran with a wet clutch, [aermacchi changed to dry clutches a few year's later] so we had to find a way of driving the pvl from the other side of the engine, the taper on the end of the crank would do just fine, we just had to nip down the local aermacchi dealer and buy the conversion kit, except there isn't anyone making a conversion kit for it and the local aermacchi dealerships were thin on the ground back in the day when the bikes were new, so plan b, we had to make up a mounting to mount the stator and the ignition pick-up, not a five minute job, we roughed out a bit of 8mm ally plate, bored a hole through it to clear the rotor and allow twenty-thou around the circumference for clearance, the plate was then turned from square to round and the pvl backing plate used to spot through, drill and tap so that it could be mounted to our adaptor plate, the rotor was machined to the same taper as the crankshaft and test fitted a dozen times until we could position the stator exactly in line with the stator, the pvl is basically a hall effect sensor that alters voltage output in response to a magnetic field the alignement is pretty crucial for effective ignition, the beauty of our set up is that we can undo the three mounting pinch screws and adjust the timing easily, even if the bike is running, without having to remove the stator from the end of the crank and trying to time it that way which is a bit of a pain.....


  1. No rest for terminally busy Lovey, jeez you guys have sunk some time into this one, now, put the 'puter down and get back in the shed.

  2. Sharp work on the ignition system and the exhaust. I like the fact that the mega is intact and the silencer portion is separate. (Looking forward to that startup video...). oh yeah, the sprocket shield's a beaut' too.

  3. Looks like you will soon be ready for a but of racing :-)