another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 31 March 2013


well, there you go, after all the hard work over the winter, today it actually paid off, sweary and chalky were clucking and fussing like expectant parent's, me and dangerous have been here before load's of times, battery charged, bike off the bench, roll it onto the rollers, press the starter foot control and...... it start's straight away, i'd been joking that it would settle down to a steady tickover, fuck me, it actually did, still need to do some fettling to fine tune it but, we are nearly there, check out sweary and the dangerous one's faces, priceless......


  1. Looks amazing Tim, well worth the effort, bet you can't wait to get it on the track.

  2. Just what Jan said Lovey, brilliant and beautiful, feel rightly proud mate, even ugly mugs look pleasant wearing a grin from ear to ear. Bravo mate, so chuffed for you and the offsider, enormous ups and respect, result lad.

  3. Congratulations all.Here's to some good racing. Any video/sound clips in the making..?