another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 28 March 2013


right, here we go, firstly, bollock's to mister 'dog' william's! i've now got the 'pistol's 'i'm a lazy sod' as a fucking ear-worm due to one of his comment's! back to nanno's request for more photo's of the beautiful little starter, here you go greg, fill 'yer boot's mate, not chain drive, but a machined pair of roller's, drive via rubber belt, [complete with little 'jockey' wheel to maintain tension] and beautifully knurled to grip the rear tyre, plastic rollers to stop side movement and tyre catching on the aluminium supports, big old motor, looks like a lorry starter motor, no i.d. marks on it to reveal the origin i'm afraid, all in all, a brilliant piece of kit, well executed and nicely engineered, 10 out of 10 from me as len say's on 'strictly come dancing'.....


  1. My good man Tim, I have to blatantly admit: That's one hell of a nice piece of kit you got yourselves there. Should make starting any stubborn bike a breeze!

    Cheers for the photos - time to cobble up something along those lines from some rubbish I have kicking about and pretty much the design I anticipated (except for the belts, which is really clever...)

  2. Bloody lovely..... just what I need but I am guessing that its going to have to wait till next year race budget..... not going to be cheap