another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


getting down to the nitty-gritty now with the aermacchi project, tonights job was to get a catch bottle mounted on the bike and a hose off the crankcase into it, you can't just vent the hose to atmoshpere just in case you end up spewing oil all over your rear wheel or the track, so a catch bottle, [just a humble old plastic vitamin bottle], was just simply tie-wrapped to the frame between the engine mounting plate and the rear frame rail, the rest of the night was spent playing with my new toy, a pair of genuine aircraft lockwire pliers, [borrowed by sweary mick from a well-known aircraft engine manufacturer]after i got a comment on the blog about my sloppy lockwiring technique on the boxer racer i thought i'd better sharpen up my act, the pliers are a brilliant bit of kit, dead easy to use and turn out a decent finish, i really don't know why i struggled for so long with those silly little twisty handle jobbies, onwards and upwards....


  1. Dee-light-full brotherman . . . let those nerves build then start channeling and focusing. XXX

  2. cheer's mr dog-mucker! really revved about the test-day, i just hope we don't have any last minute disaster's or set back's [like usual!], sweary mick's boy, 'young mick' is pencilled in to ride the 350 'macchi too, he's a very quick racer with loads of experience on modern superbikes, sweary mick is bricking it that young mick is going to end up with the forks rammed under the engine!, must admit i'm enjoyng the 'sport', 'ey up mick, has young mick ridden a bike with the gearchange on the wrong side before?, ey up mick, has young mick rode a bike with a big fucking snatchy drum-brake rammed up the sharp-end?, ey up mick, has young mick rode a bike with skinny tyres before......'