another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 11 February 2013

telford [part 3]

earlier in the day it was almost impossible to get near enough to have a good look around walter zeller's 500cc, 1954, rennsport bmw that he rode to second place in the grand prix's in 1956, later on, as the show visitors thinned out i was able to have a good look around this legendary machine, i'd seen a 500cc rennsport before at the solvang motorcycle museum in california but what really struck me again was the diminutive size of the machine and of course, i'd never heard one actually running, when they started it up and let it warm up before giving it some serious rev's the noise was amazing and it actually drew a spontaneous round of applause from the watching crowd, just a lovely, lovely thing indeed......


  1. Sehr ausgezeichnet Lovey, it ain't no Kompressor but it could park in my garage any day . . . genius how they managed to stuff those cams under that rocker cover, he he he . . . did you know the Krauts describe the valve train clatter in their mosheens as 'valve rustle' in the factory literature, kid you not darling . . . it's all I learned after two years working in a BMW dealership. X

  2. ey up whitey, it's a lovely little bike for sure, didn't know you worked in a beemer dealership mate, if you still have your workshop manuals could you look up what the pushrods are for!