another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 21 February 2013


it had all started so well, i'd phoned sparky paul on sunday to arrange for him to come and have a look at the wiring on the sporty, i just don't get electickery-majick, i've tried, but, i just don't get it, sparky paul turned up on the dot, 'ahh, is this the patient?' he said, stroking his four day old growth and staring at the 'macchi through the bottom of his tri-focals, [no, no mistake there, tri-focals], 'err, no paul, it's this one over here' i reply, more beard stroking and some muttered oath's, all the while making notes in the most unintelligble scribble on the world's most scruffy notebook, dangerous turns up, 'ey up paul, can you have a quick look at the lathe while your here, it's sort of stalling when we start it up' [fucking hell dangerous, paul doesn't multi-task very well and i want my bike wired, fuck the lathe!] the next hour and a half passes in a blur, paul is on a mission trying to sort out the reluctantly starting lathe, all thoughts of the sporty gone to some far away galaxy that electricians brains go to, 'good new's gentlemen' announces sparky paul, 'i've sussed it, let me draw it out for you so you understand the problem', he put's his crusty notebook on the workbench and proceed's to knock dangerous's glasses straight off, down the back of the bench, between the mains gas pipe, wall and heavy bench, dangerous look's at me, i look at dangerous, we both look at paul, he decides to do one, 'oh, erm, i'll give you a phone call when i'm ready tim, see you david, goodnight' and with that, he makes a sharp exit, an hour later we have stripped off the contents of the bench, crow-barred it away from the wall and dangerous, imitating 'janus stark' the legendary circus escapoligist in the old comic's , has managed to extract his eye glasses from their position, wedged, betwixt the wall and bench.....


  1. i love the old film's, reminds me of being a kid, watching the old black and white movies on bbc2 on a saturday afternoon, bloody hell, can you imagine that today?, we only had three tv channels back then, the old film's were repeated so often, i knew them word for word!