another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


here's a couple of photo's of the sporty in the new 'factory' [t.m.], exclusive twenty-thiteen colour, 'desert storm yella, hell yeah!' not really, it's just the seat and tank in filler primer, rubbed down and ready for the matt black topcoat, typical, it's been almost spring like in the 'hood the last couple of day's so managed to get some paint on, the forecast for the rest of the week and into the weekend however is freezing north-easterly's and more snow, so that's the painting on hold until the temperature rises again then.....


  1. Looks like you wore some prints off the old fingles with that one matey, nice and schmoov indeed. Every time I look at the 'Macchi I can't believe the job you've done on it Lovey, fucking immaculate sweetheart !!!

  2. Some vertical black lines and it'd be the Sporty-BEE !


  3. whitey, please! i'm blushing now, the 'macchi isn't how i'd have done it, but then again, it's not my bike, sweary mick's chuffed to wrigleys with it and at the end of the day thats all that matters, [i'd have still done it in green, used the classic european 'diamond' aermacchi harley davidson decals on the tank and the rickman metisse decals on the seat and a high level exhaust system with a carbon race can, but, hey, what do i know?], you know what nanno?, i just might do that paint scheme on the sporty now, you have a lot to answer for!

  4. A lot to answer for ? Oh no, not another person saying that about me... I could do some tiger stripes on the big tank of the XT so it matches your sporty-bee!