another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 14 February 2013


knocked up a bracket to mount the gps speedo and mounted it to the top yoke this week, couple of nights just pottering in the shed inbetween working on the aermacchi, the damage to the sporty tank due to the ethanol in the fuel, turned out to be a lot worse than i first thought, the paint was actually lifting from the metal to a four-five inch radius of the filler, i sussed that when the sporty was on the sidestand and the bike leaning over to the left, fuel was creeping up the 5mm holes that i drilled in the top of the tank to mount the race filler and eventually, after a couple of years, started to soften the paint and lift it causing the bubbling, i started cleaning up the damaged paint, carefully cutting back the damaged paint with a stanley blade, then dangerous hit it with the orbital sander to get it back to sound paint, [and destroying my 'loveless engineering' lettering on the top of the tank and covering everything within a three mile radius in dust!], four coats of filler primer and it's ready for shaping with wet and dry, i've got a couple of options, i buy a replacement tank and scrap the race filler idea, get it re-sprayed and that's that, or, i save my money, rub it down, fill it and rattle can it matt black and chuck some stickers on it, araldite the mounting holes after i've re-fitted the filler and just run it like that until i know it's sound and not going to leak again and then get it resprayed, or i could just stick with it in rattle can black......


  1. You know I go moist for the Guzzi mate, never even seen one in the flesh unlike some lucky bastards. Lovey how's about after you've done the Araldite thing hitting it with a top flight tank sealant as a final safety measure, I know there's some pretty flash stuff out there these days, the wee bracket is utterly beautiful mucker, a real forte of yours is the bracket fabbing caper, big uppies lad. XX

  2. ey up whitey, yeah, the thought had passed my mind about a preparatory tank sealer in addition to the old araldite, the guzzi?, whadya mean you never seen one?, do you live on the other side of the world or something?, oh, well yes you do actually mucker X