another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 8 February 2013


whooah, where's the week gone?, friday night, post-shift, i notice a few 'bleb's' in the paint on the sporty, just around the newton equipe quick filler, i have to have a closer look, my heart sink's, it's the paint lifting from the tank, ten minutes later, fuel cap removed and the full extent of the damage is revealed, fucking bastard ethanol, basically, the tank need's repainting, expense i can well do without at this moment with a race engine for the boxer to fund....


  1. Rattle can to the rescue to prevent it from rusting away and fix it when funds are back ?
    (Funnily by that time, I have always spent my money on some other nice go faster bits and the bike stays in rattle can dress for forever...)


  2. aah, nanno, you hit the nail on the head! matt black, anti-radar, stealth, rattle can black it's going to be! there's just something so tough about rattle can bikes, [my sporty chop never even got a coat of paint in the end, just used to spray it with wd40 and rub it over with scotchbrite]

  3. Raw with a bit of clear coat would look tits

  4. ey up daddyo, yep, i agree, especially the contrast of raw steel tank and aliminium quick filler, but, i've made my mind up, matt black from the rattling can of darkness it is! good to see your'e smashing the dyna into shape mate!

  5. I actually have a fuel tank (XT500 Dakar tank - the real deal) and because of its absolutely fabulous shape and design, I painted it in clearcoat a couple o' years ago. Truth is, you will only find out about the paint being knackered, when it starts to rust... Mine now looks like it is covered in set of reddish cobwebs. Perhaps if you re-spray it regularly or find an UV-illuminating clearcoat or the like, so you can touch it up, it would work out.

  6. nanno, the xt tank is a beauty, they are very rare over here now, i've seen a bmw boxer with one on it and it looks the dog's, i must admit, i am a big fan of the bare metal look, i hate paint, everytime i have something painted it just ends up scratched or damaged in some way, there's just something about not giving a fuck about paint but concentrating on the engineering that appeals to me i guess.