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Friday, 15 February 2013

orpheo sincronic sociedad anonima

one of the bike's, amongst all the exotica at telford, that i kept returning to was this little 250 ossa racer, an ex mick grant race bike, [mick never actually raced it but ran it in practice at scarborough], the four-speed engine housed in a frame built by mick's legendary sponsor and bike enthusiast jim lee, [hence the 'jl' helmet design on grant's helmet, carried as a tribute to the man, check out pictures of mick riding everything from formula one honda's to the ill fated  nr 500, trust honda, everyone else was racing highly strung two-strokes and honda decide to compete with an oval piston, 500cc, 32 valve, [count 'em], 8 spark-plugged four-stroke, excuse me?, sorry, off topic there, you are either a 'stroker fan or you ain't, sorry, but that's the way it goes, i love them, dangerous, chalky, mick, barse and most of the rest of my mucker's hate them, when i got home and downloaded my pictures to my library, i kept going back to this one, i know nothing about ossa'a, [or tossa's as mrs b says when she caught me looking at pictures of them on the tinterweb], i looked them up and discovered that they had a famous rider, santiago herrero, i knew the name and can remember that he got killed racing at the tt in 1970, [somewhere between the thirteenth and doran's bend?] when i searched the mighty tube there's a lot of footage of him racing, the film that just hit me straight in the gonad's was this one, i don't speak any spanish, or, by the grace of god, french, but i know enough to order two beer's, if anything ever summed up being a racer then this was it, please be warned, it contains very distressing scenes, there's not the usual smash, bash, crash of a 'normal' racing incident, just the reaction of 'santi's' wife, mechanic and pit crew, post accident, fucking hell, life's just so fragile..........


  1. It's a French forum, and you'll have to sign up to view the pictures, but more info can probably be found here
    Also worth it for the epically long thread from Derbi & Aprilia 2 stroke godfather Jan Thiel on the RSA 125

    1. monkeyfumi, thank's very much for the lead to the pit-lane forum, fascinating stuff indeed, still got a lot to read up on that's for sure! cheer's, tim.

    2. No worries, I check out your blog most days (quite enjoy the race bike builds and show pics, source of inspirition) but usually don't comment. Glad I could give something back(however small).

    3. thank's for checking the blog, appreciate that, feel free to chip in with any comments you like, it's nice to get idea's and opinions back, tim.