another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 3 February 2013


cast your minds back a couple of weeks, [ok maybe three, maybe four] and you may recall a couple of photo's that i posted up of some yokes that johnny owd bollock's had cast up for his mettise project, i don't remember the exact word's but it went along the lines of 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' today that came back to us, when owd bollock's came up to collect his yokes, i asked him if he could replicate the horrible fairing mount/speedo mount/lockstop combination that blighted the front end of the 'macchi project, owd bollock's came up trumps for us, he has remade the bracket in thin wall stainless, half the weight of the old 'steam-pipe' original item, beautifully tig welded, no money has changed hands, just an exchange of skill's, [and a re-distribution of wealth based on the age old barter system, as well as a healthy dose of 'recycling' raw materials from the scrap bin's of multi national corporations, it's a 'win-win' situation, we use material destined for the landfill sites and cut down on the bureaucracy of waste transfer notices and all the associated bollock's] and at the end of the day not only are we doing our part to save the planet, but, we get a lovely, hand made part for sweary mick's bike....


  1. that is lovely work, i wonder if he makes axle nut covers........
    and stay out of trouble you old bully!

  2. Saving the planet, one custom racing part at a time...nice work on both of those projects. Now I'm wondering, did he fab up a jig, or just eyeball that bracket? Looks pretty spot-on from here.

  3. hi larry, i can report that johnny don't need no stinkin' jig! to be serious, he just fabbed it up on the bench, he really is a good welder, as you would expect from someone who used to work on nuclear reactors!