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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

the loveless temperance society

mr's b and me decided to give up alcohol for the whole month of january, our last drink was on the first of the month and we are almost halfway there, while mr's b is finding it a right doddle and feeling the benefit's of healthy living i must 'fess up, i'm struggling, monday to friday? [school-nights], not a problem, but come friday night? very strange, there's nothing like cracking a few beer's or a couple of bottles of wine to get the weekend started, i've been at work all week and i'm ready to chill, it's just not the same having a couple of glasses of sparkling water and i'm waking up with a thick head the next morning too, what's all that about then?, on the other hand though, we are saving a fortune and i'm getting some weight off, yep, alcohol sucks...

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  1. I,m hearing ya its the no alcohol hangover I can not understand,you save money but also its good to give the liver a rest however at the weekend after a shit week a man needs a few pints !!!