another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 31 January 2013


as i said in the last post, i've been looking out for a small digital speedo for the sportster to replace the dodgy pushbike one that i've had on the bike for the last couple of years, i'm sure it would be great if you used it for it's intended purpose but bolting it onto a big, vibrating vee-twin motorcycle was i suppose just asking for trouble, the speed reading fluctuated by twenty to thirty miles an hour difference as the pick up struggled to relay the information to the wireless unit, it looked sort of legal and didn't cause me any hassle with the annual mot test but it's time to move on and fit something made specifically for a motorcycle, i just cannot afford either the point's on my licence, the fine or possible ban especially as we live in one of the nation's police 'safety camera partnership' hotspot's, i literally stumbled over this little gem at the recent newark show as we were making our way to the car at the end of the day, it's a gps unit, reads mph/kph, total mileage and a tripmeter, it works on the same technology as your sat-nav, literally shaking hands with a sattelite and displaying the information on the tiny digital unit, it's waterproof and it's plug and play, two wires and that's it, got to make up a bracket to fit it and the receiver to the top yoke, don't know how good it is or whether it's up to the rigour's of being shaken to near destruction, but, i'll let you know....


  1. Looks pretty neat, my only concern (judging by my own s(h)at-nav) would be the time it takes for commencing a handshake with the satellite, as on mine that can take five to ten minutes until it knows where I am...


  2. hi nanno, i was concerned about that too but the firm i bought it off say once it's set up the first time there is no delay in reading the speed, i'll let you know how it performs when it's up and running, they offered me my money back if it doesn't do what they said so i'm thinking they must be pretty confident?

    1. Sounds very good to me and yes PLEASE report your findings, whether it was worth the money or not, as I know of more than just one bike in my possession that could do with some accurate way of measuring (not guessing) the speed.

    2. will do nanno, no problem, let you know how it performs when it's up and running.