another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 18 January 2013


well, after my self-righteous blast about being alcohol free until the end of the month i've fell off the wagon, i'm sorry father, but the devil has all the best tunes after all! it's friday night and like ed say's, a couple at the end of the working week ain't so bad, i really needed to get away from the aermacchi today, i'm afraid that i get fixed on something so much when i'm working on a project that it takes over almost all my thought's, [even when i'm supposed to be asleep, the minutiae comes into my haddled, old, brain and wakes me up], so, i resisted all urges to look up stuff on the 'tinterweb regarding aermacchi's and turned my attention to perving over my ritmo-sereno obsession instead, the best bmw boxer's in the world, the engineering is just so good, there's absolutely nothing on these machines that doesn't have to be there and i love the fully faired r100 too, have a look at a photo of a standard bike then compare it with what they have done to this one, absolutely beautiful machines, guess i won't be sleeping too much tonight either....


  1. Wagons were meant to fall off Loveymucker, also good to refocus after leaving it well alone for a bit. Hot as a very hot thing mate, but then I see you guys are copping a frozen pasting, send snow and I'll box up some 40 degree days for you. XX

  2. mr williams, please send me some of that 40 degree shit, you really don't want that snow stuff, blue finger's, shivering and cold to the bone, horrible, horrible, horrible, roll on spring!

  3. Number 46 race bike £23k....... I had to find out, will stick with the MZ and keep dreaming!

    Andy #51

  4. that's a lot of dough andy, nearly a seasons racing with bemsee!