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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

renzo pasolini

after a rather 'late night' [ahem], it was a rather subdued start to the day in the loveless household, mostly trying to re-hydrate with endless tea and idly flicking through one of my xmas book's, the brilliant 'italian racing motorcycles' by mick walker,renzo pasolini is obviously featured a lot and although this picture is not from the book itself, i just wanted to post it up, such a great photo from back before the publicity machines that are today's grand prix superstar's, don't get me wrong, i have the utmost respect for them, but can you imagine a modern racer just slumped against a straw-bail taking a breather without an army of p.r. people, dietecian's, physio's and brolly dolly's fussing around?


  1. Glad you're all still here mate . . . Renzo may be indulging in a bit of a post get off re-psyche, just the pondering on the possibilities is the reasons is worth the perve. We're gonna miss Mr Walker's presence in motorcycling literature more and more as time passes I reckon.

  2. Mick Walker has a Aeromacchi book also which my father gave me will make a good read you should keep a look out for it ,,,

    1. i've got a copy thank's ed, it's essential reading!