another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

newark [part three]

alongside the racebikes, scooters and classics, the dragbikes alway's catch my eye, i suppose it's just the whole thing that they are built to do just one thing, go down that four hundred and forty yards in the minimum amount of time, just that, nothing more, so simple and yet the amount of money, time and engineering that these lad's spend is amazing, all in the name of those oh so brief moments on the strip, the tough, matt primer grey gixxer and it's pretty little sister in full replica paintjob were great bikes, check out the turbo and wastegate, extended swingarm and quickshifter, but then what you saying about the expansion chambers on the 'stroker.....


  1. Those expansion chambers are almost organic!

  2. Just noticed in the 2nd photo, not too keen on those frame "mods", cutting away the frame where those 2 spars meet.