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Sunday, 6 January 2013

newark [part one]

first weekend in january? f.a.cup football and of course the newark winter classic bike show and autojumble, it's become a bit of a tradition now, so me and dangerous, armed with a long list of 'wants' made the fifty-minute drive, stopping at the golden arches for a coffee in, uhm, an hour and ten, the morning dawned mild for this time of year, but very foggy and it seemed to get worse as we travelled east, up to the entrance and the punter's are queueing back from the roundabout onto the dual carriageway, it's very busy, we park up and join the long row of people at the ticket office to pay our eight quid entry fee, ten minutes and we are in, everyone is turning left so we hang a right and enter the first of the many exhibition hall's, the newark 'jumble had declined in the last couple of year's, the vendor's selling used part's and broken bikes seemed to be in the minority, huge piles of, what is basically scrap, lying on the wet grass, the prices ridiculous for what was frankly just junk, lot's of stalls selling cheap, 'snap-off' tool's and consumables and 'bikerwear' [whatever that is?], last year they got their act together and the 'normous newark 'jumble' became the 'carole nash winter classic show' owners clubs were invited to attend, along with the two classic racing clubs and the show is certainly becoming one which i feel can only grow into better thing's, [anyway, what else are you going to do on a miserable, foggy day in january?], first bikes that caught my eye were the guzzi racer, the two yamaha's, the lovely little ducati 200 and the mighty wraith confederate, the engineering on the confederate is amazing and it's not just for show either, this thing is a world record holder at bonneville and i was going to tell you what speed it achieved, who's bike it is and when they got the record but my picture of the card detailing all the information was unreadable due to my camera being on the wrong setting.....


  1. Those little jelly-mould tanks on the wee Duke are in my top three shapes ever Lovey, as for the Big Con, not my idea of a great look but as stated by your eminence, does the business for sure.

  2. Seconded Whitey (if I may be so informal!), I could stick one of those tanks on the mantlepiece and stare at it every day!