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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

newark [part four]

after my post about the scooters the other day, here's something else that might put the cat amongst the pigeons, 50cc racing motorcycles, this selection belonging to sjl racing, photographed at the newark show, i've seen the trellis frame yamaha before, but check out the tank on the other yam, these tiny machines really are beautifully prepared to a very high standard, i've got a soft spot for the tiddlers, raced from the early 1950's until 1983 when they got dropped from the gp race itinerary, from the humble itoms to the honda dohc four valve, the 50cc capacity may be scorned on by some people but not me, i think it's great that enthusiasts are still racing these jewel like machines today...

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  1. A pure race machine you can stick under your arm and walk off with? What's not to love? There is a great Dutch site about 50cc racers, well worth a glance