another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 27 January 2013

manx grand prix / classic tt

well, there you go, we have been talking about it for the last five years dangerous and me, today i booked it, team loveless are going to mona's isle, well when i say team loveless i mean dangerous, sweary mick, chalky and me, the 'boy's' are going over in sweary mick's car, splitting the fuel and ferry cost's, me? well, i can't get the time off work so i'm making my own way there, a day later than them and coming home a day earlier but, i'm going on my bike, should be good fun on the sportster, it all seem's a long way off at the moment, but, i'm revved, i've not been to the island since 1981, oh dear, is it really that long ago? what was i thinking of? the infamous honda 'black' protest day's, [look it up if you don't know], i'm going to be riding around the famous 37.33 mile course again....


  1. I,m gonna go too meet ye for a pint !!

  2. that's brilliant ed, deffo meet you for a couple of porter's, you'll just have to look after me afterwards, last time i went drinking with the paddy's on the island they ended up having to put this narrowback to bed, [the girlfriend at the time was not amused!]