another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


with everything clean and tidy, new gaskets and a few more centre-punch marks on the rubber gasket mating faces, [it stop's the rubber's spinning out of position and cut's down on oil leak's], it was time to contact-sdhesive the rubber's in place and re-assemble the head, pushrod's back in position, spin the motor over to make sure the valve timing is correct and nail the head back onto the cylinder, [being careful to align the aluminium oil return tube] the head is unusual in that there is no head gasket to speak of, i don't know if this is common on the road bikes or if it's just a way of gaining a little more compression?, the motor slipped back into the frame and we used flanged stainless nuts to fasten it in, last job was to remove the studs from the inspection covers and turn up some stainless allen screws to replace them, i just think they look better than a stud and a normal nut.......


  1. Not sure whether you did yourself a favour there your lovelessness... The studs on the inspection covers were probably there because you will undo and redo them quite often and the threads in the head will eventually wear out. So maybe go back to studs and some nice domed nuts of some sort.

    Will have to do just the same on my SR500 racer for exactly the same reason.

  2. nanno, you are spot on, i know it makes no sense from an engineering point of view, but, it just look's so much better, [and i've got a good helicoil kit!] send me some pics of that sr 500 racer?

  3. Now that just let the lil' engineer in me show, didn't it ?

    *blush* currently it's a bent frame, some Z1000H cast wheels (the only ones I have that were free, except for a set of jawa wheels, and sure as hell not gonna use those), a Z650 fork and an old XT500 engine... I'll send you some pix (promised) when there's a bit to be seen.