another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Thursday, 10 January 2013


way back at the beginning of december, me and dangerous had a day out at the bike show at the n.e.c where we had a very interesting chat with a bloke on the rickman stand, he had in his possesion a copy of the original sales ledger, listing all numbers of frames that they produced, the date and to where they were originally supplied, i gave him the number off our frame and he was able to tell us that it was originally supplied to lawton and wilson in september, 1968, the bloke on the rickman stand asked for my e-mither address and today this popped up in my inbox, brilliant, a copy of the original lawton and wilson sales brochure.....

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  1. He was a sound man to do that,D_Day must be getting close now have you got your race face ready ????