another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 23 December 2012


ben jones, roadhouse tattoo, chellaston, derby, england, this is typical of 'the world's most handsome man' i was blissfully unaware of this photo until tonight, but, if you know ben then you know it's typical of him, want some quality ink? get yourself down to roadhouse, take a big stack of money, sweet's and chocolate, a hanky to wipe away the tear's when you are laughing, flower's, a good attitude, have a wash and clean your teeth, make sure you are wearing decent shoes, express an interest in black women, harley davidsons, ducati panigale's and gun's, knive's and eating meat, [meat is murder] don't take your kid's and you won't go far wrong, quality tattooing, don't haggle and you won't end up with a cock and bollock's hidden in your piece like barse and marshy.......


  1. Must be horrific having a man write constant articles on how much he wants to bum you ben..
    I've heard someones starting a really decent blog next year.. maybe everyone should read that instead...

    Uhoh.. ;)

  2. Shameless self promotion will get you nowhere around here Miss Bailey . . . ha, I'll tune in darlin . . . tell dad I still love him. Merry Christmas Loveless clan, big love and warm wishes, Whitey. XX

  3. Best wishes to a truly lovely family of people. Lots of love, Ben xxxxxx

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! to you and your clan. Looking forward to a new year of adventures in tea making, eating vegetables, tatoos, and racing motorcycles. Enjoy your pics and writings.