another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Saturday, 1 December 2012

talcum soul

me and dangerous trapped down to the motorcycle live show at the nec in birmingham today, a last minute, friday night, two peroni's down, i'm bang up for it, getting up at 0630 hrs on my first saturday off in three weeks, it didn't seem such a good idea, show report to follow, tonight, mr's b want's to watch the x-factor, i'm tired and emotional, i'm listening to some marvin gaye, massive attack, bobby womack, gil scott herron and northern soul, i'm looking at these tosser's on the tv, invading my front room of a saturday night, manufactured wank, a full scale argument breaks out, i'm vocal, singing along to some talcum soul, mr's b is pissed, i'm giving it the big one about louis walsh, boyband bollock's, just fuck right off, playing on peoples feeling's, giving them a brief glimpse of success, tell me one act on this crock of shit who you can name? i'm waiting...... there you go, plastic, not real and then? there's people still seeking out rare soul, still dancing to it, the original all night, all soul, all killer, no filler music, i need to get my lazy arse down to a 'nighter instead of just talking about it.....


  1. Loveless by name, Loveless in the living room . . . you and I go too much soul for our own good mucker, constantly getting us into the shit with those we love, oh well, far too late to change and wouldn't even if we could brotherlover. Mr Womack, that's the real deal dressed up as the real deal . . . talcum soul, ha, smells nice but underneath it's the same old stench. Chin up Timmy, great header shot on the MZ mate, poster material that is. XX

  2. I have had that x factor war and its not pretty,I tell them its like putting your head into the microwave and pressing start,it frys your brain,thankfully its not on in our house anymore,you keep battling on and no surrender,,,,,

  3. My little TV died about 2 months ago, haven't missed it much (except when I have the urge to pop in my 'On any Sunday' tape...)

  4. Jessica Loveless7 December 2012 at 15:03

    No x-factor at my house dad one, always an escape here!
    And if you find an all nighter... you're taking your newly nocturnal daughter ;D
    I love you and i miss you.
    Reading the Blog every morning,
    keep it up you grumpy shit.

    1. love you jessica b, i knew you would get it, check out some of those tunes, one day all that vinyl loveliness will be your's, X

    2. Jessica loveless8 December 2012 at 18:14

      you know I get you. flesh and blood.. I understand you because gradually I'm turning into you..!
      always listen to the tunes you post up. I miss hearing your music.. wine and chilling out. love you pa Xxx