another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

nothing that has happened so far has been anything we could control

me? i'm blessed me, spent a peaceful christmas day in the company of my family, surely that's all that really matter's? i got a bellyfull of food, i was warm and with my loved one's, i got to walk my dog's in the [almost] daylight and without getting wet, [although we did get a little muddy] and i got some brilliant present's, jack came up trump's, i got some great book's, [you all know me so well], gil scott heron's 'the last holiday', 'young, gifted and black' the story of trojan records, mick walkers brilliant 'italian racing motorcycles' and 'british racing motorcycles' 'dream spectre's' off jessica, [the amazing ukiyo-e, images from the floating world' music in the shape of the alabama shakes, julian cope and two home-made cd's, brilliant, people just don't do 'mix tapes' anymore since the demise of the cassette tape, got two today, one off my old friend who has been doing them since the late eighties, a really professional looking job, complete with artwork and another, a rough and ready compilation, marker-pen-on-a-tesco-disc, at the end of the day, it's what's in the groove that count's.......


  1. Christmas greetings to all at Loveless Towers. Looks like a goodun.

  2. Beyond beautiful, teary now, gotta go before I lose all masculinity.

  3. "The Bike Shed" . . . what a pretentious bunch of tossers that lot look like, all the right poses in all the right clobber, get a fucking life, give me chopper club elite every day Timmy, tell him to stick his punctuation up his fucking highstreet arse.

    1. If I've offended anyone who visits this blog then . . . you need to re-evaluate your view of the world and get real, make it a New Year's resolution, except no phonies. Sorry Lovey if this needs to be stricken from the records.