another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Sunday, 16 December 2012

northern soul

the late, great, lou pride, 'im coming home in the morning' endless hour's waiting for train's on derby railway station, every weekend seemed like the start of a great adventure, can you remember that feeling? check out this northern legend, the whole song just sum's it all up for me, the chugging bass and the honking horn's, lou's world weary vocal, the wanting and the passion, brilliant.....


  1. Loveybrother, you give me the horns . . . massive couple of posts lad, for those of us who weren't there but have for a long time followed from a distance, a real and continuing insight into a totally unique and passionate movement, it was never only for sheep . . . I've learnt more about the caper here than in all the time I subscribed to NME and Sounds combined . . . huge ups Timmy, you cynical old fool, love ya Brotherman. XX

  2. ace posting dog. love ya! x