another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 7 December 2012


the aermacchi has been sitting on the footpegs with a couple of old axle stands for support, not the ideal arrangement, especially as we are going to knock up some rearset mounting plates so we can pull the peg's back a couple of inches too, if we use the traditional 'roll-on-roll-off' paddock stand's they tend to stick out beyond the end of the bike bench and, with space at a premium in our crowded little shed i decided to make a stand, the rail is just a piece of 21mm x 21mm pipe bracketing, a couple of 't' pieces and two-hole angle brackets, guestimated the length of the two horizontal's, cut them to length and end-milled to finish, measured the upright's, cut and milled, the aluminium 'v' brackets were just a couple of offcuts of 10mm dural stock out of the scrap bin, didn't even have the 10mm x 25mm bolts in stock and i was buggered if i was going to waste stainless on a stand, so, i hunted through one of my big boxes of skip-find bit's and bob's and found some 10mm x 40mm bright zinc set's [that i think were left over from one of the kid's old ikea beds] and just cut them down to suit, dead chuffed, we can get the back wheel out easily, dick about with the rearset's if i have an off, the bike's secure to work on, transport in the van and we've gained valuable space in the shed, result, especially as it's cost 'nowt......

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  1. Nice work for nowt lad, surprised you Boso boys ave got time for the shed with all the harassing and hassling of the general public you're doing, te he he !!! Happy trails for the weekend Lovey, XX.