another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Monday, 31 December 2012


well, the holiday's almost over, a last afternoon of major tea slurping and mince pie chompin' before a return to everyday stuff, i got my new calender's out ready to nail to the shed wall and rather worryingly realised it's only twelve week's until the first test day at mallory park, better get our finger's out then, matt black rattle can job on the damaged ap caliper, turn up the 3/8th's fine thread mounting bolt's, bollock's, the thread is stripped, turn up the new 10mm metric mounting bolt's, [never a fan of set screw's anyway, rather have a bolt from an engineering point of view] tap out the caliper, suprisingly easy, then dangerous inform's me that it's an aluminium and magnesium casting, that's why it's easy to work, doh! apply a splash of 'the racer's friend' [or loctite, or as sweary mick call's it monkey spunk] and we are good to go,dangerous set to and drilled the shit out of the brake disc, it need's surface grinding to finish but there's plenty of meat left on the bones, a bit like myself really, i'm on a mission now, got to shed half a stone and get fit for the forthcoming season......

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  1. Monkey spunk! Love it. Mate of mine picked up a gun with a tube of silcone sealant in once to seal some engine cover or other and it he hadn't used it for a week or so. So he pumped and pumped and suddenly the tube split spraying sealant everywhere. As we stood there watching it drip off the garage roof he said " Look....... gorilla snot!" And it has stuck to this day