another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Friday, 28 December 2012


i read all the comment's that people post on the blog, but,i know i don't reply very often, please accept that it's not that i'm not interested, it's rather that i really don't think that i have to, i don't want that to sound negative, it's just that i really appreciate people commenting, i love it that you take the time to comment, like i've said before, this is an open blog, positive or negative, i'll not censor any comment's and as my 'regular's' know, i often just send you a 'mail instead of posting a reply on the blog, a comment on my last post by squire neil got me thinking today, 'so now you need to buy a lime green polo neck and a pair of cream slack's?' brilliant! i'm walking the dog's and the loveless, arrested development brain is processing stuff, my thought's drift to the recent 'distinguished gentleman's' ride, where a bunch of media lovey's rode around laahndahnn, suited and booted, i'm sorry, i feel like the kid in the emperor's new clothes story, why the fuck would you want to do that? excuse me? i think we should organise an 'undistinguished gentleman's' ride out, for all the waif's and stray's and original mutherfucker's, let's ride through town's dressed in denim cut-off's, rigger boot's, donkey jacket's and pit-boot's with toe-cap's showing, scooterist's on cut-down vespa's, cherry red doc martens shining and 'paddy's' sown onto our m1a's, mz's, gsx-r's on open race pipes, converse, stone wash jean's, open fingered 'clippy' gloves, bell star's, simpson bandit's, thrashing through town, carving through the traffic in town, spitting at taxi driver's, waving at kid's, burn-out's and doughnut's, urban drag racing, wheelie's, black visor's, no numberplates, no tax, no mot certificates, yeah, the 'undistinguished gentleman's' ride out appeal's more than 'profiling' around in a fucking suit, motorcycling to me has alway's been more about being outside the 'norm' not trying to embrace it, a chance to leave all the everyday bollock's behind, why would you want to conform? to try and appear as a trend-setter? never been that, never will be, a message to you rudy, just be yourself, you might not 'fit-in' but you will be your own man, [or woman] anyhoo, here's some photo's from this afternoon of the 'aermacchiasta' drinking tea, eating mince pie's and having the crack, a veritable goldmine of experience and not a suit in sight.....


  1. Freedom or Death! Arf arf.

  2. Jan, don't you mean 'freedom or deaf' . . . mark, mark, said the dog with the hair lip. Initially Lovey, I had thought the concept to be quite fun then upon realising that these 'dude bikers', the direct descendents of 'dude ranchers/farmers, actually possessed the finery they were sporting and clearly not just picked up from the Salvos or Oxfam store for the purpose, my disillusionment became all consuming . . . like yourself, I made a conscious decision as a well pre-teen that a life of uniforms, suits and spit polish was not my bag, let alone getting into that kind of clobber on a bike . . . our lack of, and detestation of conformity has, I'm sure, been the result of a life dedicated to simply being ourselves and feeling comfortable, in fact proud, of never being one of the 'beautiful people/in crowd' . . . keep it real, stay ugly !!! Love the header shot brotherman, Peter Whatsisname, the Aussie, was a hero throughout the African-American community ever since that shot at the '68 games was taken, a huge stand by any white bloke back then, he was also never again considered by the Oz Olympic Committee for selection even though his times were the best in the country, he only died recently . . . a personal hero of mine too. Love ya Timmy. XX

  3. Finally, a bike parade that my brother would fit into perfectly, with his exhaust blackened tennie (from muffling his open mega when cops drive by...)lack of certifications and shredded jeans...