another perfectly good motorcycle ruined.......

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


the rearsets on the aermacchi were, too put it bluntly, shite, the linkages sloppy, the footpegs heavier than a ship's anchor, time for a remake/remodel, [must dig out the old roxy music track and give it a play] a new aluminium linkage with a rose joint, new brass spacers, loctited the stainless stud between the rose joint and the actuating arm, the knurled linkage on the gearbox shaft was another story, we don't think it's original, the mounting bolt is drilled for an 8mm bolt but the shape of the case doesn't leave enough room to use an 8mm, we use a 6mm socket head and turn up a couple of brass sleeves to take up the slack, i sit on the bike with a pile of old motorcycle news and old bike mart's under my arse to get the right height whilst dangerous measures the shift angle, cut the rod off, tap and loctite in position, sorted, dangerous dig's the 'triumph' gearchange rubber out of one of the collection, it seem's quite appropiate somehow.......

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  1. Looking good gentlemen. Are you going to post a video when you fire it up for the first test run?